Feature Series #3 – LiveComms

Feature Series #3 – LiveComms

The JobJybe LiveComms feature is a great way to improve your communication capabilities with your remote workforce.  LiveComms enables instantaneous communications with your resources in the field.  From most anywhere on your dashboard, we provide you with several ways to contact your team.

With one click, you can send an SMS to a person or an entire team.  Similarly, you can distribute a voice message to an individual or an entire team.  Additionally, you can assemble your team on a conference call instantly with one click.  We have made it uber convenient to see activity on a project. As questions or clarifications are required, you can instantly reach out and get further details, clarifications, images, or whatever you need to make sure that your teams and projects are remaining on track.

The applications of this feature are endless.  Your ability to make frequent course corrections is timely and accurate.  You can ensure that your teams are moving in the right direction at all times.  Imagine that a client calls and wants to know what is going on with a project. Better yet, imagine a client is calling with a gripe about a perception that may be inaccurate.  While on the call with your client, you can reach out to your team and have them provide you with instant image updates that you can share with and/or discuss with your client and eliminate any ambiguity about whatever the issue may be.  In this case, information is true and very powerful You can create a healthy dose of goodwill with a customer and provide fantastic customer service.

LiveComms becomes your weapon in providing your customers with the level of service you desire.  Check out LiveComms as part of a JobJybe free trial.

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