Feature Series #1 – LiveViews Feature Series #1 – LiveViews Feature Series #1 – LiveViews Feature Series #1 – LiveViews Feature Series #1 – LiveViews

Feature Series #1 – LiveViews

This is the first of a series of posts that will highlight one feature of the JobJybe platform and how it was designed to make your life easier.  Today we will be talking about LiveViews.  Our LiveView concept in its simplest form is sharing.  Sharing the content that you want to share only with the people that you want to share it with.  Whether you want to share updates with a customer, your boss, or some other stakeholder you can do so easily and quickly with LiveViews. From any page, you can simply click on the eye icon and send a LiveView immediately.  All LiveViews are active until you delete them.  We may add an auto delete by date function later if asked for, but for now they persist as long as you want.

Let’s use an example to explain a use case.  Let’s say you have a customer that is out of town and there is work being done that they want to keep an eye on.  You can go to the Activity page and sort by project or by tag and filter only the items that are tagged as “approved for view,” then enter their email and phone number and off it goes.  They receive an email and a text with the link to the page that shows them only the items that you filtered for them to see.  They see what you see in that filtered view.  As soon as you tag another event with the “approved for view” tag, it will show up on their view instantly.  No need to resend an update any more.  Once the LiveView is created, it is updated in real-time and your customer can go to that page any time, day or night, and see the latest updates that you have tagged for them.

This is only one use case.  As you might imagine there are an endless amount of uses for such a tool. It is one that we believe provides a ton of value to our customers and their customers.  This one feature is a huge differentiator for our customers as they deliver better service and communication to their customers every day.  You can see more about our LiveViews on our YouTube channel.

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