About JobJybe

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  • George


    CEO | Founder

    Loves to simplify complex problems and Stay Fit

  • Bryan


    CTO | Co-Founder

    Loves to Code and Play the Oboe Professionally

We Keep it Simple

One of our primary missions is to simplify complex problems.  We do so by taking a fresh look at age-old challenges and applying technology solutions.  We ruthlessly avoid complexity.

We are Virtual

We are in Austin, but we have resources contributing to the development from all over the world.  We have a small footprint and tread lightly on the planet.  We are definitely a virtual office.

We like to have Fun

We like to have fun.  We participate in the entrepreneurial community here in Austin Texas and collaborate with so many smart and talented people that it makes our heads spin sometimes.

Quality Comes First

We like to make certain that the product we are offering works flawlessly.  We test, test and re-test to make sure that the experiences we offer our customers are worth talking about.

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    Capital Factory Accelerator Candidate

    We are proud to be Capital Factory members, supporters and contributors

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    Entrepreneurs Organization

    We are glad to be affiliated with EO having been a member and a supporter of it’s membership here in Austin and worldwide

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    Angel List

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    SXSW ReleaseIt

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JobJybe’s Timeline to Date…

JobJybe Concept Conceived

A Brainstorm occurred in the backwoods of Maine while managing a project remotely.

LLC Formed

Baustin Sailworks, LLC was founded in January 2013

Model and Tech Concept Formed

Outline of the business model, target market and solution architected November 2013

Minimally Viable Product Complete

MVP was ready for closed testing March 2014

Trademark and Copyright established

Registration and related filings submitted April 2014

BETA Launch

MVP complete and BETA customers successfully using system June 2013

Product Refinements

MVP and BETA customer feedback continues November 2014

BETA Closed

BETA customers converted to paying revenue customers December 2014

OEM Partnership established

Partnership with large OEM partner MOU signed February 2015

Website and Blog launched

Public facing website and blog launched marking launch towards direct selling March 2015